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Wera Tool Rebels

Tool Rebel Junior Set

79,00 €
Tool Rebel Junior Set

    • 33-piece tool set
    • Starter set ideal for children & teenagers
    • Perfectly tailored to smaller hands
    • Exclusive Tool Rebel box design. Only available here in the shop!

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    Create We-stories and gift yourself tools.

    The Junior Set is THE opportunity to make little screwdriver hearts beat faster. What could be better than screwdriving on joint projects or implementing your own ideas by yourself?

    The tool set has been put together especially for children and young people who like to get things moving. Thanks to the matching geometry of the tools, the full force of the hand is transferred, motor skills are optimally promoted and there are no more limits to creativity.

    Of course, the tools are also ideally suited for the "bigger" screwdriver fans and definitely invite them to join in! For the younger generation, the tools should always be used together with an adult. Only then can exciting stories be created.
    Quantity Article number Product name More Information
    1x Kraftform Kompakt Stubby Magazin
    1x 05071010001 3851/1 PH 1 x 25mm More Info
    1x 05071011001 3851/1 PH 2 x 25mm More Info
    1x 05071020001 3855/1 PZ 1 x 25mm More Info
    1x 05071021001 3855/1 PZ 2 x 25mm More Info
    1x 05071000001 3800/1 SL 0,8 x 5,5 x 25mm More Info
    1x 05071002001 3800/1 SL 1,2 x 6,5 x 25mm More Info
    1x 815 R Handhalter
    1x 05073230001 8001 A Zyklop Mini 1 More Info
    1x 05136000001 8870/1 More Info
    1x 05003504001 8790 HMA SW 5,5 More Info
    1x 05003505001 8790 HMA SW 6 More Info
    1x 05003506001 8790 HMA SW 7 More Info
    1x 05003507001 8790 HMA SW 8 More Info
    1x 05003509001 8790 HMA SW 10 More Info
    1x 05003511001 8790 HMA SW 12 More Info
    1x 05003512001 8790 HMA SW 13 More Info
    1x 05071010001 8794 A „Wobble“ More Info
    1x 05134937001 851/4 ADC PH0 x 50mm More Info
    1x 05134950001 851/4 ADC PH1 x 50mm More Info
    1x 05134951001 851/4 ADC PH2 x 50mm More Info
    1x 05060080001 867/4 TX 8 HF x 50mm More Info
    1x 05060081001 867/4 TX 10 HF x 50mm More Info
    1x 05060082001 867/4 TX 15 HF x 50mm More Info
    1x 05060083001 867/4 TX 20 HF x 50mm More Info
    1x 05060084001 867/4 TX 25 HF x 50mm More Info
    1x 05022678001 950 SPKS SW1,5x50 mm More Info
    1x 05022670001 950 SPKS SW2x56 mm More Info
    1x 05022671001 950 SPKS SW2,5x63 mm More Info
    1x 05022672001 950 SPKS SW3x71 mm More Info
    1x 05022673001 950 SPKS SW4x80 mm More Info
    1x 05022674001 950 SPKS SW5x90 mm More Info
    1x 05022675001 950 SPKS SW6x90 mm More Info
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    Depending on the order volume, your product will be ready for shipment in 5-7 business days. Of course, we will do our best to get your order sooner.

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    Your words make our sets unique

    Only here in our shop you have the possibility to personalise your Tool Heroes as well as the stainless steel plate on the textile Tool Rebel box. And all that for free! Mark your stuff with a name, your favourite club or a clear "Hands off" announcement. There are no limits to your ideas. If you don't want your own text, you'll get your tool kit with the "Be a Tool Rebel" inscription. The personalised Tool Rebel sets are also a true eye-catcher as a gift. Individual and personal! A perfect combination.

    It's not what it looks like

    At first glance, the Kraftform Kompakt Stubby appears to be a completely normal hand holder. But it is not! A captive and swivelling bit magazine with 6 high-quality blades is integrated in the handle. With an overall length of only 65mm, it is ideally suited for confined screwdriving actions and smaller hands.

    Everything in its place

    The tools of the Junior set are perfectly arranged and fixed in a robust, high-quality textile Tool Rebel Box. The box is just the thing for wild screwdriving activities. It can even fall down sometimes without the tools flying around or damaging sensitive surfaces.


    Attention: Not suitable for children under the age of 8, as there is a risk of injury and suffocation due to small parts that may be swallowed. The tools may only be used under the direct supervision of adults. Tools are not toys. The adult is responsible for the correct handling of the tools by minors. We accept no liability for proper function and safety if the tools are used for other purposes than the intended use or without adult supervision.

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