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Who are the Tool Rebels?

The term Tool Rebel (from Latin rebellis, "insurgent") in its scope describes someone who goes unusual ways and reinvents tools, so to speak.

Who is not satisfied with existing standards.

Who likes to question the status quo.

Tool Rebels are rock ' n' roll

The term came about when the screwdriving tool manufacturer Wera asked its customers what they thought about Wera.

Many customers refer to Wera employees as Tool Rebels because they have come up with unusual problem-solvers, are also in a good mood and love Rock n Roll.

The Tool Rebels have found a way to stage themselves in photos with greetings and gestures in a very special way.

This photo style can be used worldwide without any problems. In this way, every Tool Rebel can privately or publicly declare to be a Tool Rebel.

The Tool Rebel gang knows no boundaries

In the meantime, some customers and users on all continents call themselves Tool Rebels.

Because they love Wera tools and listen to rock music.

Some Tool Rebels are now beginning to report on their unusual hobbies.

The path of the Tool Rebels continues and there is no end in sight.